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Killustrate is the collective works of Melbourne based artist, Keelan Ashton-Bell. The standout images created by Keelan are a combination of traditional portraitist techniques and self developed methodologies. The subtle hint of vibrant colours used in Keelans work is definitive of his signature style, and is a characteristic that brings killustrate images to life; making them leap right off the board they're painted on.


The subjects encompassed in Keelans work include sports celebrities, movie stars, and music icons of several genres.
Keelan also produces many privately commissioned portraits for individuals and families alike. A Number of these private works include portraits of beloved family pets and prised automobiles too. 
Killustrate has something to offer everyone, so don't hesitate to get in touch and tell us exactly what you'd like to have painted for yourself or as a beautiful gift for someone you love. Subscribe to our mailing list below or click here to send us a more detailed enquiry

 Killustrate art work has proudly featured
        in the herald sun as pictured below.  

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